60+ Fun Date Night Activities That'll Create Ever-Lasting Memories

There are plenty of date night activities when you think outside the box.

You could search for something to do near you or just stay at home so it’s cheap. Whichever decision you make, we’re sure the two of you will have lots of fun just being in each other’s company!

To us, the most fabulous date nights are often the one’s you never expect.

You just kind of go with the flow of the night. This could lead the two of you off on an adventure, exploring things you never thought you’d get into.

It’s in these moments you create amazing memories.

So, for that reason, we wanted to share a couple different activities you can do on a date night that’ll make it unforgettable – the type of outing (or inning) that’ll have you smiling just thinking about it.

Let’s get it started…

So, Nicole and I are trying to think and recall all the fun date night activities at home we’ve had. There are a lot because our schedules are pretty wild (she works most early mornings, I work mostly night).

Here’s what we came up with:

  1. Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and just pick and start a home improvement project
  2. Visit a farmer’s market and pick one ingredient you haven’t used to make something delicious
  3. Try doing a weekly game night with fan favorites like Monopoly or Scrabble
  4. Get a bit crafty by digging through old photos and create a photo album
  5. Head out on a hot date and get some real ice cream from a local shop
  6. Pub trivia is quite a fun time especially if they have live music in between
  7. Did we mention bowling? Because that’s what we love
  8. You can’t go wrong with skeeball and air hockey at your local arcade
  9. When the weather permits you could go on a hike or nature walk
  10. Your phones are probably good so why not try amateur photography
  11. Do a tourist of your own city by picking some new district and exploring
  12. Have a nerf gun war or water balloon fight
  13. Get a good laugh in by visiting a comedy bar
  14. Have you tried kayaking? It’s totally awesome and thrilling
  15. Sip a couple of suds by doing a brewery tour or try a new, trendy bar
  16. Catching a double-feature at a drive-in is cheap and fun
  17. Try any type of craft project by visiting a hobby store and picking what interests you
  18. Is the carnival or fair in town? Check out their discount night for cheap fun
  19. We like going and picking out a new plant we could add to the apartment
  20. A weekend trip to a local town or getting out of the state sounds fun, right?
  21. You can go super cheap with daytime movies for a fraction of the cost
  22. A picnic at your favorite park on a good day is about as romantic as it gets
  23. Try out a cooking class to up those skills and learn something new in the kitchen
  24. Get a bit frisky and visit an adult shop and pick something out for another

A lot of these become free date night activities if they’re in public spaces or if you’re just window shopping.

You could check with daily deals sites, too, to make them super cheap, too.

We like to do something at least once a week. We afford this by making sure to cook at home and budget. This lets us maximize the outings we have without feeling guilty we’re spending money.

Do a search for “date night activities near me” and you’ll probably get a bunch of Google listings of neat places to eat, parks, and generally hip locations others tagged during their date.

Nicole and I are around Orlando so there’s quite a lot to do once you begin exploring the options.

Some ideas Google kicks back are a bit outside our budget. But, like with crafts, we tend to look at them as a fun challenge to recreate the date night the way we like it.

I’ll bet there are at least these options for date night ideas around your area:

  1. Movies
  2. Food truck rallies
  3. Drive-in theaters
  4. Arcades
  5. Zoo
  6. Theme park
  7. Shopping
  8. Volunteering
  9. Game meetups
  10. Record shops
  11. Book clubs
  12. The library
  13. Anime clubs
  14. Shadow plays
  15. Roller derby
  16. Dance classes
  17. Camping
  18. Berry picking
  19. Cat café
  20. Wine tasting

…and the list goes on and on!

One of the most fun date night outings, in our book, is catching a tribute play of Rocky Horror. If you haven’t gone… wow, you’re in for a treat!

You could do a double-date, too, with a couple you know. This is one of our go-to date activities because our friends know the area better. They know all the cool spots to get a bite to eat or just soak up the local lifestyle through people watching.

Nicole and I aren’t married (yet) but we can make a few guesses of what date night activities married couples would probably enjoy.

This could include things like:

  1. Car shows
  2. Ceramics classes
  3. Water coloring
  4. Brewery tours
  5. Ziplining
  6. Art museums
  7. Burlesque shows
  8. Dinner train rides
  9. Visiting a pet store
  10. Thrift stores
  11. Bike rides
  12. Corn maze
  13. Sports event
  14. Photo shoots
  15. Beach trips
  16. Karaoke
  17. Plays and theater
  18. Cultural event
  19. Yoga classes
  20. Diners
  21. Scenic drive
  22. Geocaching

You’ve gotta keep that fire in the relationship kindling especially if the kids left the roost. So, rediscover what you love about one another. And, enjoy your date night activities together.

We’re sure this list could go on and on and on… but let’s hand it over to you.

What are the date night activities you love doing with your loved one?

What are those unforgettable moments?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below – and, share it with someone you want to do them with!

There are plenty of date night activities when you think outside the box. You could search for something to do near you or just stay at home so it’s cheap. Whichever decision you make, we’re sure the two of you will have lots of fun just being in each other’s company! To us, the most…