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About The Book 'Dating Daisy'

Dating Daisy is a book about online dating fiction and follows the story of Daisy, a middle-aged woman who turns to online dating in search of romance after many years in an unfulfilled marriage.


Sometimes it is necessary to make a conscious decision to put the past behind you and change for the better. One very important lesson covered by the book is how Daisy navigates through a very difficult period in her life with a positive thinking attitude and an online dating app.


Our author, Daisy Mae, is a keen writer and blogger. Daisy is a regular blogger on The Huffington Post, which covers important topics including sexual health, and her own personal blog where you can find plenty of fun, creative content and poetry.


If you are looking for a humorous book about online dating fiction, or a great book that covers topics that all middle-aged women can relate to, or an easy holiday read, then pick up a copy of Dating Daisy from the Amazon book store today.


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Love Romance Books

 "If you are looking for a fun, chatty and different story give Dating Daisy a try"              

Lilac Mills

"It is a unique and highly amusing book, which will make you laugh out loud"          


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