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OK - This is a clever fictional story about modern day fairies living in London. Let your imagination unfurl as you become drawn into this magical world – right under our noses in the nation’s capital city!


What’s it about? – This highly imaginative story centres on the LustreLucida, a world where fairies work magic to create beauty and style. Events begin to unfurl as Trula (short for her real name True Love) is enrolled as one of a new group of “wingterns,” at the style and beauty emporium, Glamporia Vermilion London. But Trula is special, as  it is her aunt, Tempestua Vermillion who owns Glamporia.


What can you say about the story telling? – The story unravels as Trula begins her internship. I was fascinated by the imaginary details of this story. GunmetalPink are the enemies of the Glamporia, headed up Glint Gunmetal Pink and protected by the Glinterguard.


The writing is vivid, colourful and conjures up fabulous images of this imaginary world -


“ ...  As the gathering on the Terrace of Tides murmured and whispered amongst themselves, the pools began to undulate more rapidly. The waters shimmered as if crystals had been spilled into them, creating a glimmering surface. The pool closets to the house released a cloud of twinkling magenta steam, that Trula knew was enticed pink tourmaline. The steam evaporated to reveal a sparkling dark pink liquid that looked as rick as sequinned silk – Silquid – another type of water native to LustreLucida ...”


“... Trula knew their clothes were made from fabric that grew as flowers – Glossoms and Sheer shrubs –part of the queendom’s flora. On her visits to her mother in Lustrelucida she had seen fields of organza bluebells, chiffon roses, faille peonies and more, all of the main source of fabric in the queendom ...”


What did you think of the characterisation? – Trula as the central character is a young woman, has characteristic hopes and dreams. She longs for a successful career in the Glamporian Beauty and Style Industry. Trula has friendships outside the Glamporia which can get her into trouble! She also has the camaraderie and friendship issues with the other wingterns. We learn that Trula’s mother left her and her father when she was small. Dune, Trula’s sentry – with that all enticing beach scentre – (all fairies have their own scentre and a very strong sense of smell!) provides an irresistable love interest.


There are a variety of other characters in the story who are woven into the passage of events.


What was good about reading this book? – Without doubt I marvelled at the author Anoushka’s, imagination. You need to read it for yourself.

 There is very clever use of words, play on words, imaginary words, phrases and spellings that make the text intriguing.


“... ‘Each wingtern will begin on one of the four main Glamporia trails – Faycialising and Glamourising, Embracing and Carressing, Enchantdressing and Primptessing, or TemptTressing. ‘   Skincare and make up, body polishing and massage, fashion designing and styling and hair dressing, Trula translated in her head.


“... The two fairies, one from Rose and the other from Violaceous, rose higher until they were able to see all the glowing bracelets. The jewels in each bracelet dimmed so that they so that only its rosegold setting shone brightly. The fairies hovered beside each piece of jewellery on the right side of the tree then flew to the other side, whispering to each other.“


“Don’t use the ruby cherry VoilE on Hanako’s face, that’s too much excitement for her pores,” she advised the Violaceous Faycialist closest to her. Garnet amaryllis if you must, but I would veer towards a pink tourmaline peony and satin camellia VoilE...”


What didn’t you like? – You couldn’t dislike this book which is highly enchanting. It is a story for people who enjoy loosing themselves in an imaginary world – but coming back to reality with a jolt! Would you imagine fairies using the London Underground? – but they do!


How did reading the book make you feel? – I loved reading this book as I felt young again!


I remembered what it was like to be young, just starting out and full of hopes and dreams. Everything about this book is light and floaty, dreamy and mystical, beautiful and  endearing.


Would you recommend this book? – I think this book will have enormous appeal to young people/young adults, who enjoy reading, and have enjoyed other imaginary worlds, such as Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games! If you like magic, fairy tales, fashion and beauty as well as falling in love! – you will find all of this in this wonderful book.


 How many Daisies for overall readability and enjoyment?


4 out of 5 daisies!

Daisy Mae x x


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