The Fabulous Book Club

The Fabulous Book Club Xmas night out at The Ageas Bowl 2017 left to right Su, Jane, Angie, Nicky, Carolyn,Jane, me Daisy and Alison!


The Fabulous Book Club First meeting was 21st May 2017. Now we meet monthly.


We are a group of professional working women, from a variety of backgrounds, who just LOVE reading! We do download published book club questions about the books we read and discuss these questions at length. Angie, Carolyn, Su, Nicky, Alison, Jane & Daisy.


Thank you to you all for your enthusiasm, the laughs and the great evenings we’ve spent discussing books – Oh and a lot else besides of course! 


If you would like us to review your book please contact me using my contact form.

Who are we? A group of professional ladies who just love reading!

When and where do we meet? We meet once a month to discuss a book.  Each month a different one of us chooses a book and the meeting is hosted at their home. We download Book Club Questions for discussion. Some of the books we have reviewed I have incorporated into book reviews for this site!

Would you like us to review your book?

Get in touch with me here?  Daisy Mae! contact form.



The Fabulous Book Club


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