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By Jason Hershey 

Published 3rd May 2017 

OK –This is a personal tale of young love and heartache.


What’s it about? – This is a story of a modern day American college student, Theo, who has lost both his mother and his best friend, and is still stricken with grief. He meets and falls in love with a college student called Sabrinna. But will this relationship be all he wants it to be?


What can you say about the story telling? - This is a fiction book, with Theo, telling the story prospectively. The story is heartfelt, and told with much emotion. The pace is consistent. The story unravels chronologically, as meanwhile Theo reveals more of what happened in his past, and the overwhelming emotion associated with this.


What did you think of the characterisation? - The main characters were Theo and Sabrinna. Theo was self contained, lacking in confidence and in great need of a loving relationship. Sabrinna came across as wilful, rather self centred and fickle. She seemed to be playing Theo along.


What was good about reading this book? – Emotional pain is very hard to deal with, and this book leaves no holds barred in expressing this. I think anyone who has experienced severe emotional pain will identify with the sentiments in this book.


What didn’t you like? - I felt the book was short. I felt there could have been more detail about the other aspects of Theo’s life to balance the events. When the book finished, I was surprised as I wanted more of the story. I guess it’s human nature to develop sympathy for Theo, and not to feel satisfied until you know the true ending!


How did reading the book make you feel? – It reminded me of the sadness that many of us have experienced in our past lives, and these events may be too difficult even to talk about. To some extent we are all shaped by what has happened to us in the past, and I felt Theo had been deeply affected by this, and had not yet managed to come to terms with it.


Would you recommend this book? – The book is a personal tale of sadness, longing and grief. If this is the type of book you like to read, it will tick all those boxes. It’s a great book if you want to read it alongside a box of tissues!

Daisy Mae x x

2 out of 5 daisies!

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