My ABC of internet dating is based on my experiences in my novel  Dating

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This is a date. It just might have love potential. Your love antennae must be twitching and ready.

Watch for the physical signs. The body language, and the eye contact. Like an antelope being stalked on the prairie, you must be on the tips of your toes with your nose in the wind. Oh – and be prepared to leg it - if necessary - at a moment’s notice!                        


Ok - so you may not have been on date for as long as you can remember. Neither had I. But it’s kind of exciting. Remember that thing called a dress? Those things called heels? That stuff called make-up? Well guess what – it’s all there for YOU! Wow you scrub up well when you make an effort! Dazzling, bright, beautiful and alluring- that’s you! Deep breath and V for victory!                    



Yes- it’s the Sound of Music! Julie Andrews singing “I have confidence in confidence alone! I have confidence, con-fi-dence in ME!”  So – tap your feet, grab the music case, jam on the hat! Time to sing like no -one can hear you and dance like no-one is watching!  Find the fun of the date! Of course you can do this – and without cutting up any old curtains!                                         


OK- fancy pants!

If it’s going well, you have permission to press the FLIRT button!  How else will he know you are getting the vibes? But there is a difference between flirting and being down right easy! Remember – you are a prize worth waiting for. Read Dating Daisy - Wendy says 6 dates before you truly succumb to his charms!  Blowing a kiss, holding hands, a hug and a squeeze – all recommended in fact. But how much nicer to let the feelings build, to enjoy the flirting and let the sexual tension grow between you! Happy dating and flirting!     


This picture was taken underwater.

Sometimes you feel like you are living life in a goldfish bowl. Emotion can drown you. You may feel literally wet through, limp and unable to breathe. BUT – when dating- you must get control. Climb out of the water. Breathe, smile and take ownership. We all relate to other human beings differently, but for any relationship to work, get rid of the demons, be in control of your emotions, smile, and put sadness behind you.               



Go on – make that jump!

 “Jump for my love!” and doesn’t it say “Every jump will make you happy!” Well it’s in the lyrics anyway! Just make it a controlled jump – wear the right shoes, jump onto something soft, have someone to catch you! When internet dating you may have to make a lot of jumps – long jumps? – and high jumps? Or even pole vaults! (One of my dates was 6 foot 7!) But - you need to flex those knees and spring – or nothing will change! - Change – although it may not feel like it – is good! Keeep dating!


“G for gorgeous,” said the Internet Ghost in Dating Daisy! This picture  is Christine from Phantom of the Opera. The most romantic musical ever!  Christine was under the spell of the Phantom but she was truly in love with Raoul. Who will get the girl? Internet dating is like that – numerous suitors but only one can win! It’s up to you to be G for  gorgeous!                                                       


Life is very short. Too short to waste it being sad. Just tie the sadness up in a big pink cloud – like Daisy – and stuff it far away in the back of your mind where you can’t reach it. Tie it up with string. Leave it there and never let it out. Now smile, a big smile, using all your facial muscles. I will be happy. Happy people attract other happy people. It’s a fact!                 




OK- fancy pants!

If it’s going well, you have permission to press the FLIRT button!  How else will he know you are getting the vibes? But there is a difference between flirting and being down right easy! Remember – you are a prize worth waiting for. Read Dating Daisy - Wendy says 6 dates before you truly succumb to his charms!  Blowing a kiss, holding hands, a hug and a squeeze – all recommended in fact. But how much nicer to let the feelings build, to enjoy the flirting and let the sexual tension grow between you! Happy dating and flirting!     


Oh my - it’s good to laugh! There’s always something to laugh about. On a date,  go prepared with a few funny stories to tell. For ideas look at a News page before you go out. Flip through Instagram,  and Facebook. Look for images that make you laugh- for example see Dating Daisy on Instagram - Daisy the hamster! Just Like doing exams really – the success of internet dates lies in the advance preparation!                



Read Dating Daisys’ Kissing Tips! She has a lot of advice on this very important topic!

“Make sure you love the person at least a little – if you don’t it’s just a wet fish, flat fish affair.

Find somewhere private. No-one can perform well in a department store window. (I prefer behind the beach huts, there are 7 miles of them on Bournemouth seafront.)

Music is good – but not heavy metal – and not Talk Sport!”....             




This is a difficult one. Every one dating in middle age has a past. It’s a fact. But that’s what it is – in the past. It should stay there. Don’t use a date to bore your other person rigid about all your previous partners and relationship problems. It’s not a great topic of conversation and kills the atmosphere dead. No-one wants to feel second best/end of the queue/ a last option/ or envious. Just button it – and think of something hilarious to talk about instead!                                                     


Ok – so your date may not look like this hot guy – but he is after all - a man (assuming this is a heterosexual thing - but let’s stick with a man for now.)  And you need to make him feel that he does look as good as this! What do men like? Flattery of course! Say something complimentary.

“Oh good I love tall men!” – or “What’s that after-shave you’re wearing,? I love it” Focus on the positives. Big them up! It’s mandatory!             


Falling in love is really all to do with physiology. Your body does it for you – you don’t need to do a thing! Dopamine rushes from the brain, with adrenaline, cortisol and oxytocin – the cuddle hormone! You brain cells are hot wired to your hormones you see. And the pheromones pour into your circulation like unleashing a cork from a champagne bottle! It’s a biochemical extravaganza!  It’s because you are human, and NOT a robot – so thank your DNA!





Remember that fateful date in Dating Daisy - ruined with the halitosis! What a waste! Top tip – buy a new toothbrush and use it just before you leave the house. (You could always have an emergency one in your pocket –for him - to drop casually on the dinner table if needed in an emergency!). Use the antiperspirant, the body spray, the perfume! A tantalising smell costs so little and makes such a difference!           



10% of sex offenders use online dating to meet people. So be careful!

Get to know a person before you meet them.

Do not give out your mobile number or home address until you are sure.

Tell someone where you are going.

Meet in a public place.

Meet for coffee or drinks first.

Watch your drink and do not leave it unattended (do not allow yourself to fall foul of date rape drugs).

Remember the option of going to the Ladies – but then legging it! It works! In Dating Daisy, I did it!



“Fresh as a Daisy that’s who you are.

Me thinks you live a bit too far.

Southampton to Brighton is quite a way,

We couldn’t do that every day,

But yes I think you’re very pretty,

And I hope you like this little ditty!”

         Love Bug x

I am enchanted!

“In these days of internet heaven,

We can converse 24/7,

We skype and text, whatever next,

Don’t disregard, don’t laugh and snort

As soon, no doubt we’ll teleport!”

Daisy x






“A  chemical that conveys messages. Chemical messaging.”  (A bit like Internet Dating messages really.)

 I would call it – a Walt Disney moment! When that sparkly, magic, Pixie Dust really does – invisibly of course – create … a ‘glass slipper’ moment!

It does sound as if this is a fairy-tale occurrence. But let me assure you, it’s very, very real.

So pheromones may play a large part in not just  internet ‘dating’ …

but internet – ‘mating!’


What is it that you are really looking for? Decide your criteria and stick to them. Mine were:






Then stick to them! You are a prize – don’t sell yourself short! In my internet dating lessons I ignored some of these at my peril!  


Around 80% of men and women internet dating admit to lying on their profile. This is most commonly about height, weight and age.

I find this totally shocking. How can you start a relationship on any sort of a lie?

Being truthful about these issues will honestly save a whole lot of heartache in the future. There is no point exchanging hundreds of emails with someone who when you meet just is not who you thought they were!     





The dating is really a great dressing up opportunity! Ditch the wellies – get out the sparkly shoes!

Men like women to  feminine. It’s a fact. So get in touch with your feminine side! Paint your nails brilliant red! Style that hair! Paint that face! Zip up that slinky dress! Step into those heels! You may not have done this for years – but Yes! – you can do it! Oh and the Bling! Don’t forget the Bling!                       



So watch out! -Remember STIs are on the increase in older age groups. Middle aged and older people who are internet dating often haven’t had to think about contraception or STI protection for some time and can get caught out. Many people with STI’s have no symptoms. It’s not an easy conversation to have with a new partner. Just as for young people, don’t assume anything. Use a condom carefully every time, and get tested!                     




We all love things that are unusual.

What can you do to stand out from the crowd?

For example, Daisy wondered how she would know when she had met the perfect date.  She decided that she would write a poem, and carry it in her handbag. When she met the right person she would give him her poem. It’s called “Finding True Love.” How sweet is that? What can you do to make your dating experience special?





Let’s face it – we all love good company! Someone fun to be with. Alert, witty, with something to say. Dazzling, bright, smart and alluring! That’s Daisy’s motto! So just! It’s not so hard. Deep breath, big smile! Ask questions. Listen to the answers. Don’t be shy. Be you! Vivaciousness is a type of inner beauty! You’ve got it – just let it shine through!


Think Yummy!

Think candle lit dinners, gourmet food, champagne, theatre, limousine, Chanel Number 5. Think of warm hugs and hand holding. Think of whispering secrets. Think of giggling and laughing. Think of warm romance and sweet seduction. The message is- make internet dating-Yummy!               


Dating Daisy’s Anti-snoring Tips

“Ok, Ok. So it’s not romantic.

End of.

He snores in a curiously enchanting way. Not a peep as he breathes in, but a cataclysmic earth shift as he tries to breathe out. It’s like the air trying to rush out of a leather balloon under pressure, a sort of suffocated pneumatic drill.”




How should you approach Internet Dating? It’s a daunting prospect for many middle-aged women (and men!)  who  haven’t had to think  about going on  a date for decades. So here are some tips. In fact – just remember your alphabet! Read on for those tips that will guarantee success!

The ABC of Internet Dating

Daisy Mae xxx

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