Waiting... for my book reviews!

Waiting for book reviews of Dating Daisy is a very different sort of waiting. It’s not like waiting for the traffic lights, or being in the queue at the post office – knowing the lights will go green eventually, or knowing you are going to buy a stamp! A predictable outcome. For a book review the result in unpredictable.

  • And it seems so long to wait!

NHS Waiting Times

When I worked in A&E, we used to do the night shift. The waiting time for the poor patients was interminable. However, one night, when everything was actually surprisingly quiet, we literally took a real human skeleton out of the cupboard - yes a real skeleton - hanging on a stand, and stood in the main waiting area with sign round its neck - saying “Waiting times in A&E!” Then, as I recall we sat round with a large quantity of chips from the hospital canteen and had a good laugh! - But will I be waiting long enough for my book reviews to turn into a skeleton? - Will a job lot of salty, greasy chips - be of any help?

Writing a Book

The thing is, I didn’t write the book for anybody else. I wrote the book – for me! I never really thought I would publish it. I just enjoyed writing it and it made me laugh. It was therapeutic putting it all on paper. It was something to do when I couldn’t sleep. So I got what I needed from writing the book. If anyone enjoys it too, that’s a bonus.

I know in my medical life, when I used to give talks, lectures and presentations, I could have say 100 doctors in the audience. When we asked for feedback, say 97 of them would give me 4/5 or 5/5 – the highest score. But the remaining few would give me a lower score. So strange! Were they not in the same lecture? I guess the subject or the style just didn’t float their boat. There are some things that don’t interest me, like physics or maths, so I would be most unlikely to score any lectures about these things highly. It’s personal preference. And it’s a salient lesson. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t please everybody all of the time!

Do you know what? I have 4 snakes and 2 bearded dragons now living in my house, courtesy of my lovely lodgers, Ian and Kirsty. Here’s the thing – I hate snakes, and reptiles! Ever since the snake in Harry Potter came through the glass in the zoo I’ve been very suspicious! Things are not always what they seem! But peoples’ likes and dislikes vary enormously. I want Ian and Kirsty to be happy – so the house has become a complete menagerie these days.

All those cups of tea!

I can’t quite believe that from me sitting in front of my in the early hours of the morning, with numerous cups of tea, a bright pink book with a large white daisy on the front cover has been born! 130,000 words, 425 pages in fact! And all the jokes, limericks, poems, emails and of course those kissing and snoring tips! Yes I entertained myself – and now I’m giving that entertainment to you!

A good soufflé needs perfect timing! My book was cooked and ready to serve on 27th July 2017. The book’s birthday! Thank you to Clink Publishing.

I did say in my book that to cope with internet dating, I needed ‘skin as hard as a rhinoceros!’ I think I need this now too – to read my book reviews. But you know what? – even negative publicity can be good publicity. Look at ‘50 Shades of Grey!’ It was reputed to be terribly written and yet it sold millions of copies!! So what do I need to worry about?

In fact, as I write this today, I have now had some reviews, and I haven’t had one nasty comment. Most people have said the book “is hilarious,” “a great story,” “that they felt for Daisy,” “that they couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting” etc... so I’m happy with that.

One person has said Daisy seemed “desperate.” I have thought about that, and actually I’m OK about it. I was lonely and desperate to change my life around. So I did it. It worked. I know what I need to be happy, like the prairie vole in the book, I need a mate, for life. I don’t call it desperate however, I call it being in tune with my own biology. I know what my body needs for a happy existence.

“The thing is ...”

Someone else didn’t like the constant repetition of ‘here’s the thing – Daisy’s catch phrase. But that’s what it is - Daisy’s catch phrase and if they didn’t like it – well – that’s personal preference isn’t it. I am trying to use this phrase a bit less often however in the sequel to Dating Daisy, which is called Daisy’s Love Secrets, which I am writing now. I’m getting really well with it and will be submitting it for publication soon. It’s all the things you didn’t know about Dating Daisy, and Edward, wrapped up in one more hilarious novel!

So, there is still a long way to go with the reviews. I’m excited by it really as what I have read has been so positive and invigorating it’s quite uplifting all of a sudden. And there’s so much more. Tomorrow, I have a photo shoot for a magazine in London, which I’ve never had to do before, so there are a whole host of new experiences happening to me. I still don’t know if the book is a success – or even how to define that – as it takes 6 months to collate the book sales. But anyhow, as I wait for January, I feel a little calmer.

Thank you to those of you who have bought Dating Daisy and read it! Thank you if you have reviewed the book. Please put reviews on Amazon for me! Please email me any queries and sign up with this site so I can keep you informed of developments!

So I’ll go back to my post and keep waiting – I’m drumming my fingers on the desk – it’s a curious waiting game! I need to roll a 6 to pass Go and collect £200! Will the dice roll in my favour? Well – we’ll all have to wait and see!

Daisy Mae x 22/08/17

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