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OK - This is fiction story, set in modern day, about two friends taking a cruise.


What’s it about?  - The story unravels as the two friends depart from Sydney, Australia, bound for London. Their idyllic cruise ship vacation is disrupted when unexpectedly one of the passengers falls over board. Did she jump, or was she pushed?


What can you say about the story telling? – This was a well told story. The text is a mixture of travel writing, with quite detailed descriptions of the interesting places on the itinerary, such as Thailand, Naples and Rome. This provides a colourful back drop for a romance that develops on board the ship.


What did you think of the characterisation? – Anna, the main protagonist has some issues from her past life that haunt her. The holiday is part of an attempt for her to put these behind her. She comes across as independent, level headed and deep thinking. Her friendship with her friend Sandra is warm and genuine.


What was good about reading this book? – If you like cruising as I do, you will instantly feel at home with this book. It gives a very good representation of cruise life. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of the female passenger lends intrigue to the story. Plus the travel writing is descriptive and engaging. If you like a little romance you will find this here too!


What didn’t you like? – I felt perhaps there could have been a little more display of emotion at times.


How did reading the book make you feel? – It brought back my own memories of cruise holidays, so it gave me the feel good factor. Yes I must book another one soon! I wasn’t sure all the way through exactly what had happened and the book kept me guessing. I really wanted to get to the end to find out!


Would you recommend this book? – Yes. It’s easy to read, a good story and well told.

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4 out of 5 daisies!

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