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Amazon Review  - 21st December 2017 - ‘Dating Daisy,’ by Author & Poet, Mahiraj Jadeja.

...” A Must Read for who  likes Humour, Emotions and Loves Romance,  to meet the perfect partner with important dating lessons” ...

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Well I have never reviewed this type of book plus I had never done Internet dating in my life (I am 23 years old), but dating itself is taboo so forget Internet dating, my God, from the first chapter, fun starts, chatting goes on about, end of old relationship, problems you have to face to set up a profile for dating site especially of the age of dating daisy who is divorced and 52.. I learned some internet slang's which I won’t mention in review, going through the chapters of the book the excitement of first day response after signing up is shown, who is interested, how many profiles, and characters like Voldemort( of Harry Potter) and Chris Martin(Musician) gets you laughing..Then cycle of finding Mr. Perfect starts with sudden past experiences of the dating daisy..and how the author compares it with such a good description…and there is famous sentence “It’s in my DNA” keep up coming with strong passion just as men’s profile go on and discarded and every time you think, this is it, all is perfect, but then the “BUT” creates problem..

The book gives really good tips for Internet dating, it is a must read for the Amigos makes you laugh(Read the book).. Will she able to find a perfect match is what makes this book a smooth page turner... Plus real life incident (Non fiction) adds a good flavour, the author has mastery of telling reality under the banner fiction. There is only one poem which she had for Mr. Perfect ...With that being said you can see a good reflection of modern Mother-daughter relationship in the book...the book has some very good punches from real punch to laughter punch..Luckily the latter are more... Then OMG there is chapter of contraception which was too INFORMATIVE for an virgin Indian man especially…in India there is lack of sexual health or sex education (Truly speaking sex itself is a taboo) so ...


Forget it ... Let’s get to the book..Yes very informative I would say…Very…at least for me.(CAUTION: SOME STORIES CAN MAKE YOU FAINT AND THERE ARE SOME WHICH YOU WILL DIE LAUGHING)..of course you can learn art of kissing and important dating lessons by the end the book.

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So will Dating Daisy will get Mr. Perfect and able to present her only Poem. Do read the book …
So I
Mahiraj Jadeja, Poet of “A Lover’s Will” gives Dating Daisy by Daisy Mae 4 out of 5 stars with love.

By coincidence I completed reading this book on the auspicious day of 21 December, 2017. So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... May we all get our Mr. /Mrs. far as Daisy is concerned buy to know (Highly Recommended).  

Love and Peace!

Mahiraj Jadeja, Poet of “A Lover’s Will.”

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