My First Year as the Author of Dating Daisy

So - 2017 is drawing to a close. And what a year it has been for me personally.


My novel dating Daisy was published on 27th July 2017. Yes, it was a self publishing deal with Clink Publishing. However -  I have never submitted this book  for publication to any other publishers.


I am naturally impatient, and just wanted to see it in print. I didn’t want to wait for the inevitable rejections that all authors have.


It’s in my nature, just to get on with things. So - that’s what  I did. I had never realised how many steps there were to book publication.

By Daisy Mae

Why Did I Write a Book?


This was something I had always wanted to do.  At 55, it was time to realise this ambition. The sad experience of my divorce, plus losing both my parents in quick succession, was a shock realisation of life passing by. I needed to seize the day, and take control of myself and my life. And that is what I did.


When you read Dating Daisy, I think it is a story of inspiration and major lifestyle change.  60% of marriages now end in divorce. The emotional pain from this is all too common.  It is particularly difficult after the breakdown of a long marriage and in middle age.  We know - 7 million people in Britain are currently internet dating – a staggering number !  Hence the publication of my book seems timely and very relevant to the UK today.

What Happened When the Book was Published?

Once the publication day had arrived, I found myself in the midst of a large publicity campaign led by my Publicists Kate Appleton and Josh Hamel at Clink Publishing. I was amazed by the level of interest, not just in the book, but in me as a person.

I wrote for numerous book blog and review sites such as Cosy Books, Lilac Mills, and Socrates Book Reviews, to name a few.

I was featured in several magazines/newspapers and on websites such as Woman and Home, Bella magazine, The Big Issue  and Femail First ( Getting involved with these opportunities  meant meeting and speaking to journalists. I even had one day in London being glammed up for a photo shoot!  -  For Woman and Home,  I was lucky enough to have a day in the studio with a make-up artist, a personal stylist, hair dresser and photographer! An amazing day!


I have also been on the radio, for Talk Radio Europe, and have a further (top secret!) radio interview arranged in January next year (watch this space! ... )




Have There Been any Other Positives about Publishing a Book?


I would say however that there have been a number of positive spin-offs from writing and publishing a book  which I could never have foreseen.


Here’s a list -



My own Blog Website


Firstly, I have  now created a website  to be proud of. I had never considered having my own website was anything to do with writing a book!

However, I was strongly encouraged to do this and I have so enjoyed seeing it grow. A friend of mine has a hobby of patchwork quilting – she is fantastic at it! - I feel  - in a similar way that I have ‘quilted my website’. I am constantly creating links and blogs for my website, and thinking of things to make it interesting, creative and entertaining.


If you visit the website, you can click on the video trailer of the book  for example! Or you could click on the link to hear the beginning  of the Dating Daisy audio book!


Dating Daisy the Audio Book


Yes – I took the plunge and had an audio book made ( Thank you to Catherine Carter my wonderful narrator, and to ACX Audible for helping see the project through. This was a huge learning curve so if you want to know more follow the link! Sometimes you may even get a free audio book if there are any available!


Blog Writing Tips


In addition, I have learnt a lot about blog writing ( which I  had no idea was so technical. I’m now a dab hand at key words, SEO and all sorts of techniques to make my blog posts accessible by search engines. Yes, I learned all about spiders, penguins and polar bears  ... I never knew Google was such a jungle!


Writing for other websites


I was offered a blog at The Huffington Post ( and on Menopause Matters(  – Dr Daisy’s blog.



I tend to write humorous articles when I see an opportunity, such as the December edition of Dr Daisy - My Menopause Christmas Tree! (


Plus I write web content for DR Ed online (‎).


Setting up my Book Club/Daisys’ Book Reviews

I also set up my book club, called The Fabulous Book Club with 7 friends. It’s been so much fun meeting and reviewing books once a month (, as well as chatting about a lot of other things besides. Although I write my own reviews on my website, I am mindful of the comments of my book group.  I also love the book recommendations they give me, the last one being Eleanor Oliphant is Really Fine by Gail Honeyman, and what a fantastic book that truly is.

If you haven’t read it – just do! You’ll love it! I have also written some generic book club questions about Dating Daisy (


Guest Posting with Other Authors


I have been providing a guest posting service with other authors. There are many benefits of guest posting. I set this up because there so many authors on Goodreads who wanted to have an author interview.


This has been a very valuable exercise. I have met a variety of different authors from round the world and reviewed a range of books including nonfiction and a book of Love Poetry! Visiting their websites has been very interesting, seeing how they display their work and their ideas. They have written fantastic guest posts for my site (, which I’m sure will thrill my readers.


Plus I have written some entertaining ones for them too -(!

In addition we have all reviewed each others’ books on Amazon and Goodreads. Anyone wanting to find out about guest posting services just needs to visit the site -




Other Positive Outcomes?


I have joined a local writing group and been enjoying their meetings, and being introduced to some other local authors.  From this I have also become aware of new books to read, review and share with my book club.


I love having a vehicle for Creative writing. Do read my post “Will Santa be my Perfect Date this Christmas?” and maybe laugh out loud?  (


Social media


My last category is social media. I was never interested in Facebook or any other social media, but my publishers explained to me that if you want to sell books, this is your best method of promotion and advertising. Social media platforms provide an enormous opportunity for advertising and marketing.


It wasn’t easy, as I don’t like being in the spotlight, but I have learned to accept there are pro’s and con’s.  Now I post every day on the most popular social media sites - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – blogs like this! In addition - about anything humorous or different that I can find to write about. I’ve made new friends doing this, and I now enjoy the new challenges every day. Plus I am networking on different social media sites.


Thank you 


I would like to thank everyone at Clink Publishing who have made this journey so fantastic for me. Plus to Catherine Carter who worked tirelessly on the audio book. Also to Jack Pike who has helped so skilfully in turning my website into what it is today. And to Jon Tromans ( for the wonderful SEO training he gave me.  Plus to my Fabulous Book Club, and all my friends, family and supporters on social media – thank you to you all for helping create all that we know and love, about Dating Daisy!

I guess my next post will be  ....  Daisy’s New Year Resolutions! ....


Daisy Mae x


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