How to do a Review on Goodreads

  1. Go to https://www.goodreads.com

  2. In the white search bar top right type in the book title, where it says search books. The book will appear in front of you. (Take care with Dating Daisy as there is another dating Daisy by a different author! My book is bright pink with a white daisy on the front and is by me - Daisy Mae).

  3. Underneath the book is a green box which says Read, there is small arrow in this green box right hand side, if you click on this you have 3 options -  ‘read, currently reading, want to read.’

  4. As you are doing a book review and have no doubt read the book, click on ‘read.’

  5. When you do this, a new window opens and this is where you put your book review. The title is at the top and underneath this are 5 grey stars. Run the cursor over these to highlight them to give the book as many stars as you wanted to give (The more stars the better the book: 1 is poor ... up to ... 5 is fantastic.)

  6. In the large white box where it says Enter your review, you write whatever you want to say about the book.

  7. Underneath you are asked to fill in when you started and when you finished the book. This does not have to be accurate!

  8. When you have finished, press Save bottom left hand side.


                        Its’ done! Thank you! You are now a goodreads reviewer!  


Daisy Mae

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