How to do an Amazon Book Review

  1. Go to https://www.amazon.co.uk

  2. Type the book title into the search bar at the top (adjacent to the word ‘ALL’). Press return.

  3. When the book appears in front of you, click on the book . (Take care with Dating Daisy as there is another dating Daisy by a different author! My book is bright pink with a white daisy on the front and is by me - Daisy Mae)

  4. Scroll down until you reach the section that is entitled Customer Reviews

  5. See the box that says Write a Customer Review. Click on this.

  6. Then a title comes up saying Your Reviews.

  7. Underneath is a picture of the book and adjacent to this are 5 grey stars.

  8. Run the cursor over the stars and choose to highlight as many stars as you want to give the book. (The more stars the better the book: 1 is poor ... up to ... 5 is fantastic.)Then click. When you highlight them they initially turn blue.

  9. A box comes up that says write your review here.

  10.  Write whatever you want to say about the book here. Press return.


                        It’s done!! - Thank you!


                        Now you are an Amazon Book Reviewer!!


Daisy Mae         

© 2017 Daisy Mae. Rights Reserved.