I’m keeping this simple. Having read and thought a lot about this, I have condensed the reply into one short sentence...

I love a good story, well told.

So, you can show me as many lists as you like about technical details, but overall, this is what I want to find in a good book.


I am conducting these book reviews with this simple strategy in mind - Is this a good story, well told?


, for all their ideas, The Fabulous Book ClubI am grateful to my own Book Club - support and input.


My book reviews follow the following format.


These are non-spoiler reviews. I have no affiliation with any of the publishers or authors. These are my opinions, and I will try to be consistent and honest with my comments.


Daisys’ Book Review Format


- OK - getting started -

- What is the book about?

- What can you say about the story telling?

- What did you think of the characterisation?

- What was good about reading this book?

- What didn’t you like?

- How did reading the book make you feel?

- Would you recommend this book?

- How many Daisies for overall readability and enjoyment?



Maximum is 5 out of 5 daisies - 





How do I review books...


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