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Guest post for visiting author Rita Lee Chapman by author Daisy Mae

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November 23, 2017

Today, I’m delighted to be featuring author Rita Lee Chapman, as my guest. I have also posted my review of her latest novel on this site - ‘Missing at Sea.’


Thank you

Rita for your most interesting guest post. I agree finding inspiration for books isn’t easy, and travel and holidays give us a great opportunity to develop a story and write imaginatively about foreign destinations.


Daisy Mae x


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Interview for Daisy Mae - author of ‘Dating Daisy’.

by Rita Lee Chapman

How a holiday in Egypt led to my first book!

I had always enjoyed writing – in school I wrote long essays and even made up a couple of little books for my youngest brother.  Over my working life I started a few chapters – but with no computer at home it was all done on a typewriter and I never finished a whole book.  When I retired I decided I was finally going to write that book that is in all of us! 

The problem was, what should I write about?  All my life I had been given subjects to write about – whether it was essays in school or reports at work.  Now I could write about anything I wanted to – but where was I going to start? Then I thought about my recent holiday in Egypt.  What better place to set a mystery than in a land still so full of mystique? 


A secret tomb would be quite believable set in such a place.  It would also be an opportunity to describe the amazing sites and temples to be found in Egypt.  Of all the places in the world I have visited, Egypt is unique.  Its temples are so complete you don’t have to try very hard to envisage how the ancient Egyptians lived their lives – these were not piles of rubble, but huge, towering antiquities that dwarfed you as you wandered amongst them.


And so Missing in Egypt was born, Book 1 in the Anna Davies Mystery Series.  Based in Australia as well as Egypt, I used my experience working for an Australian Member of Parliament to set the scene; Anna Davies is employed as Personal Assistant to a Federal MP in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s.  She is approached by a constituent of Egyptian descent to assist him in finding his brother, Ramy, who has disappeared whilst on holiday in Egypt.  


Anna falls in love with Kareem and travels to Egypt to help him in his search.  The storyline includes vivid descriptions of several Egyptian antiquities such as Abu Simbel, the Temple of Karnak, The Valley of the Kings and the Pyramids. 


Section I describes Anna’s life working for an MP, how she meets and becomes involved with Kareem and their search for his brother.  Section II is related by Ramy who describes how he falls in love with the captivating Yasmeen, their capture and how they are forced to become tomb robbers.  Section III, again told by Anna, tells of her romance and adventures in Egypt, the unexpected turn of events, her grief and betrayal. 


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