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Guest Posting for Authors - By Daisy Mae

                  A warm welcome to any new authors who are reading this.​

Why am I doing this project?


One way of promoting your own book is to do reviews of other books for sites like Amazon and Goodreads.


In addition, Guest Posting on other websites, has been shown to help increase web traffic to your own site.


How does this work?  I am currently organising Guest Posting and Book Reviews

The idea is:


  1. I read and review your book on Amazon and Goodreads. Please email me about how I can obtain a copy.

  2. You read and review my book at Amazon and Goodreads.

Dating Daisy - Click here to view on Amazon


3.  will do a guest post for your website.

4. You please do one for mine.

5. If we agree, we can then promote these Guest posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc ...Please make sure you let me know you do not want this, if you don’t!

How to write a Guest Post:


Here is a link to an article giving 10 ideas for blog posts that will increase traffic to your site.


The aim of the guest post is to write something about you, and your life/writing etc ... to engage readers in you as an author, but not to directly advertise your book.




Usually I try to agree a 2 week deadline, but as you know reading is very time consuming so it may take longer.

Please note also these are honest reviews. To make this project viable we must review truthfully so please don’t be upset if you don’t get quite the review you were hoping for. I have some book reviews on this site so please have a look at the sorts of comments I give. I review very simply from the perspective of what to me, constitutes a good story, well told.


So far I have 4 authors who are doing this and it's been working really well!


At the moment I have free Audio books to give away - so reading my book Dating Daisy will cost you nothing!


I’m very keen for as many authors as possible to join in, so please don’t hesitate to contact me via this site!


Happy reviewing and guest posting!                                                                                 Daisy Mae x