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My experiences of creating Dating Daisy the audio book.  Listen and laugh with this funny book about internet dating, and tales from the Sexual Health Clinic.


Ok – so I’m a middle-aged person  who like most of my generation often just don’t get it! – Yes, I can see all the young people swaying about on the tube with earphones - BUT – I thought they were listening to rap, or hip hop or heavy metal or whatever is – to quote my father – ‘that’s top of the hit parade today!’


How wrong was I!  For anyone who identifies with all of this - guess what!


It’s not music they are listening to - it’s books! -  Audiobooks!



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How to Increase Book Sales?


Book publishers have been through hard times. However 2014/15 UK statistics showed a small increase in printed book sales, a small decrease in ebook and ibook sales, BUT a huge increase in audiobook sales!


Amazingly sales of audiobooks increased by 28.5% in this 12 month period!


I’m wondering why this is but I suppose it’s because we are all so busy, and also always  - go, go, go!




Go Ahead – Listen to Audio!


It’s quite possible with audio to continue reading while you are  driving a car, on the bus, on the train, washing up, ironing or gardening – through your ear phones, when you couldn’t physically be holding onto a paperback book. Also, its electronic – it’s weightless! – think of the effort required to lug books around in bags and suitcases. Plus, you can rewind and listen again and again, very useful if you are learning something, perhaps a foreign language. Now, I have audiobooks myself for all the same reasons. I am doing a lot of reading and doing book reviews and I can’t afford to waste a minute!


Why did I decide to make my book, Dating Daisy, into an audiobook? Well because at the time there was a paperback, an ibook and ebook, and I felt having an audiobook just completed the options.


I also thought it was a story that would lend itself to great narration. There’s something about listening to a story read outloud that lifts the words off the page and helps immerse you in the events as they unfold.



My book is about Internet dating in middle age, and the extraordinary situations in which I found myself. I am also a doctor in a sexual health clinic, it is also full of hilarious medical stories and it may just make you laugh out loud! The audio does just that – brings the humour to life!


I went to ACX (, where I have to say that I did not find the process easy. They were however very helpful and prompt ay answering queries. You sign up to the site, listen to people auditioning for your project and having made your choice, you have to negotiate a fee. There are suggested rates for the narrator who is usually also the producer.



microphone and floers

My narrator Catherine Carter was marvellous. This was her 21st audiobook. She has a brilliant voice for narrating, described on ACX as “professional, friendly, seductive, warm and animated,” and added just the right intonation, timing and emotion into the text.


She would record 5 chapters a day and send them to me for checking. I was listening and checking it with the text in the book of course. I have to admit I did find some errors in the text that are now being corrected. It’s a real lesson here for any author to have someone read their book out loud to them, while you yourself read the pages before the final version of the book is signed off.



When the book changes are made, they will also add in some book review pages, and some pages at the end about my next book (Daisys’ Love Secrets, being published Valentine’s Day 2018!) Also about my website ( etc ... So, the next print run will produce an even better quality book. That’s a great outcome of the audio project in it’s own right.

As there are 54 chapters in Dating Daisy, so it took a good 2 weeks to get the book recorded. Then Catherine valiantly went back over it all again and did some corrections. Pronunciation was difficult - can you say “genitourinary medicine” or “vomerulo-nasal organ,” for example!



I then chose a piece of music for it as an introduction, called Sneaky Jay Man, which is comical and was on the internet with a picture of a rather fat hamster running round a wheel. It was very bright and funny. Just right!


Finally we signed off the project and a few days ago I learned it’s now on sale through Amazon Audible. Job done!



mouse and cheese

Time will tell if it was worth it for me. I hadn’t realised audiobooks are expensive as they sell for around £20. However if you join the Amazon Audible club you get some free books and 2 books a month for £7.99. As someone said to me, we spend more than that once a week in Costa!


Now we can enjoy a good story more or less anytime, anywhere!


Why not just not plug in, and have a listen!


 - And yes - with an audiobook - you can eat Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and listen – all at the same time!


Daisy Mae x 



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