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Daisy and the Soup Diet!

by Daisy Mae

soup bowls wit wooden spoonand oats

There must be a hand of fate in this somewhere, as I find myself reviewing a book called ‘The Killer who Hated Soup,’ it’s January - New Year – and those new year’s weight loss resolutions  - and guess what! -  I’m on a soup diet!


Actually, I LOVE SOUP!


In Bill Brier’s book there are numerous references to Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, Oxtail Soup and  Spicy Shrimp Gumbo amongst others. None of these I have to say,  are my favourites!


I am thinking that perhaps by reading Bill’s book in December around Christmas, the soup idea was sown, surreptiously in my mind, so that when I examined my mince-pie Christmas podge - and had to think of a fresh emergency diet plan, I immediately thought of doing a soup diet! Why not! Bingo! Thanks Bill!


My Soup Diet


No – it’s not the Cabbage Soup diet! And actually it’s not the Butternut Squash Soup diet, or the Leek and Potato diet or the Carrot and Coriander soup diet! No -  these are far too outdated for me!


Why not try some Slimming World soup recipes? I can honestly that they are so delicious, nutritious and so very, very satisfying!

red onions growing

Why Soup?


There are numerous reasons why soup is a great food that helps you lose weight!


Here’s my list


1. Soup is so nutritious, packed with vegetables, and very, very low fat. Plus there’s always some protein in there if you look! It’s a brilliant low calorie meal.


2. There’s a lot of water in soup. They say never to get dehydrated while dieting.


3. In a 2007 medical study, a group of dieters ate a bowl of soup before every main meal. Overall they reduced their calorie intake at each main meal by 20%. Soup fills you up!


4. It’s not expensive. Much less cost than diet milkshakes or pre-prepared foods. Make it yourself, lovingly, and you will fall in love with your soup! I have!

5. For Edward, I also cook a baked potato, or some Slimming World potato wedges because he’s a man, and he needs more calories every day than me,  and will still lose weight. So it’s easy to adapt this for him and I’m not cooking two meals. These wedges are amazing and so easy! Do try them! Click here to see the recipe. 


6. I’m generally not hungry. Chunky soups, as opposed to thin soups, have been shown not only to make you feel full, but to delay the rate of stomach emptying compared to taking in either liquids or solids. This means you feel fuller for longer.


7. I haven’t resorted to soup for breakfast – yet! I have melon or porridge! But some people do advocate this – soup is very versatile.


8. I find it interesting. For example the Italian Chicken soup is thickened as you add a lot of grated carrot. Yes grated carrot – not chopped. This means the soup is thick and not watery but without flour or butter! The Roasted Beetroot is done with the one calorie spray in the oven. It’s amazing how well vegetables roast with so little fat.

I had never thought of eating celeriac - I have to say The Most Ugly Vegetable! - but it’s totally delicious. This soup diet is encouraging me to eat new foods.


9. It’s January and a bowl of soup warms you from the inside out!


10. Ok - so I bought myself a beautiful soup bowl - with a snap fitting lid for the microwave – a good excuse to treat myself!


potatoe wedges

So Bill,


... this is from the writer who loves soup! ...


... to the author whose protagonist hated soup!


Thank you for writing a book that has inspired my 2018 weight loss!!


Why Not Make Soup?


If anyone reading this makes these soups, please email me and tell me how you got on! Weight loss is such an important health parameter.


Here’s the thing, we are all at risk of strokes, heart attacks and cancer. But the one thing we CAN do to reduce this risk is lose weight and keep control our weight. It’s remediable – with a bit of will power and a positive mental attitude.


Woman measuring her waist with a tape measure

Inspiration? Motivation?


Well I’m a ballroom dancer – well sort of!- and I need to get into those beautiful dance dresses this year! I’ve pinned a wonderful photo of Arunas Bizokas and Katusha Demidova (USA) - the 2017 Ballroom Champions, onto the fridge door!


What’s your inspiration?


Whatever it is - I promise you one thing – Soup – Just try it, don’t hate it! – it might just help!


Daisy Mae

Writer, Doctor, Agony Aunt


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