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 by Daisy Mae

When I read Cynthia’s book - Momma Said, “Hit ‘Em Back!” – I was moved by the central theme of the book. Set in Memphis, Tennessee, 26 year old Louvious Johnson is wrongly imprisoned for murder. This is a story of incredible courage, about how a young man, from a tragic background is able to completely transform his life for the better.

In Dating Daisy I mentioned Stephen Sutton ( This young man was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer aged 15. Stephen showed outstanding bravery during the remaining 4 years of his life. He set himself a challenge to raise £10,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust, but in fact went on to raise over £4 Million!  Stephen achieved his bucket list objectives, getting into the Guinness Book of Records and also going Skydiving. He wanted to make sure that we remember him as the positive person he was and not as a cancer sufferer. He died aged only 19. This story absolutely amazes me every time I think about it.

Another heroine of mine is Martine Wright (, who lost both her legs in a terrorist bomb blast on a London tube train in 2005. While most people would have felt their lives were ruined, Martine has always taken the opposite view.

Sometimes people can be inspirational through their own personal challenges. I went to hear explorer/pioneer Riaan Manser (, talk about his survival experiences. Riaan decided to give up on his comfortable life in South Africa, and firstly to cycle round Africa on a bicycle! He completed this in just over 2 years, having cycled over 36,500 Km, and had numerous adventures such as being thrown into prison, and facing death when taken hostage by drugged Liberian rebels! But he survived and wrote a book about it!  (  Riaan then kayaked round Madagascar, and then kayaked around Iceland! Yes, he wrote books about these too! As he says repeatedly - “I was living, exactly that! Living!”

When she woke from surgery and found 52 other people in the bomb blast had died, she simply felt lucky to be alive. Since then her life has completely transformed due to her outstanding positivity, courage and forbearance. She is now Captain of the Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Team. She had also married, become a mother, been Skydiving and has learnt to fly. She has received an MBE and works as a speaker, focussing on the topics of inspiration and motivation.

I recently read Claire Fuller’s novel “Our Endless Numbered Days” ( This is an incredible story that everyone should read. Nine year old Peggy, is taken into the depths of a German forest by her father and held captive there for 9 years, away from civilisation, living off dead squirrels, mushrooms, and acorns. It is an amazing survival story. Yes this is a fiction book, but there have been reports in the press of children, who have been brought up in the jungle by animals. Perhaps this may have been where Claire Fuller got her original idea. I found the concept of this book, the wonderful eloquence of the way it was written, plus the unique idea and the marvellous storytelling, completely inspirational

Inspirational people come in different guises. For example how about Jennifer Ginley ( who I read about in the Slimming World magazine. She lost 9 stone, 9 pounds in just over one year by following the Slimming World diet. In March 2017 she was the cover shot for the magazine. Her photos before and after say it all – she now looks absolutely fabulous. While following the diet, she also started exercising. She is so much fitter, healthier and slimmer, and has gained so much self confidence. A wonderful inspiration and role model for those of us who need to lose weight and find it an impossible task. What amazing self control, determination and commitment she has shown.

So, inspiration, if you look and listen, it’s all around us. Whether it’s a human tragedy, a parody of justice, an incurable illness, a pioneering challenge or a personal one – we human beings can deal with whatever life throws at us, with integrity, fortitude, bravery and determination.

Daisy Mae


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