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A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled - Book Review

Daisy Mae x x

4 out of 5 daisies!

OK - This is a book all about the workings of the mind, and how to control it. I wouldn’t class it as a fiction book as it is full of anatomical descriptions and pieces of research.


What’s it about?  - If you have suffered from stress, anxiety and depression, you will empathise with this book. There is a highly personal aspect to it too.


What can you say about the story telling? – Ruby tells her own story, referring back to her childhood, which wasn’t all she would have liked it to be, to present day and her recurrent bouts of depression. Ruby has a big infectious personality and this shines through her writing, making you smile or laugh out loud, even though you may be reading something sad or traumatic. ( I loved the section about the 3 brains on page 59!)


What did you think of the characterisation? – As a comedian, Ruby’s inexorable character is stamped on every page!

What was good about reading this book? – I have suffered with stress, anxiety and depression myself, so I could identify with the book. I think it is helpful as a sufferer to understand the brain, and some of the neurological pathways, such as the sympathetic and parasympathetic responses, that lead to physiological changes in our bodies.

Agree that the solution to the turmoil we often find ourselves in, is to find a way of thinking about something that helps you accept it. By following Ruby’s book, this is what happens. And ‘mindfulness’ is a useful solution to control of these negative symptoms.

I loved the humour, for example  “Even if you are having a living autopsy done on yourself, no one will ever get to the bottom of ‘you’ ...unless they are a proctologist!” This book is full of witticisms such as this one!


What didn’t you like? – It was hard to do the exercises with the book physically  in my hand. An audiobook would make this easier!

How did reading the book make you feel? – It’s good to know that mindfulness is a self help tool, that is free!, and can be practised anywhere such as at your desk, on a bus or a train, on an exercise bike etc... so I guess it gave me hope! It was a warm feeling that someone else has suffered all those symptoms too! – And someone in the public eye who is not afraid to reveal her inner secrets. I admire Ruby for writing and publishing this book. With her sense of humour she has helped reduce the stigma of mental illness, and that has to be a good thing.

Would you recommend this book? – Yes. I think anyone suffering from stress, anxiety or depression couldn’t fail to find Rubys’ words enlightening and inspiring.

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