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... “Who cares about heaven when you can have a place in somebody’s heart “ ...

Amazon Review - 21st November 2017 - “A Lover’s Will, ” by Author Daisy Mae

This is a collection of 50 poems, mostly about love but also about family life, religion and relationships. Mahiraj Jadeja is a young Indian poet, and this is first collection.

“A Lover’s Will” has already been highly reviewed on Amazon. In these poems, the author dreams of perfect love, and romance. The poems are imaginatively titled, are generally quite short, and are not in rhyming verse. They use a strong narrative and wide range of vocabulary. The poems are highly evocative, and do inspire the reader to think deeply about all aspects of romantic love.

Highlights for me were;

Poem 7, Making Love in Moonshine – this is a very beautiful, tender description:

Moonsine on water

“Under the moonshine,
We took each other in arms.
Aroma of her bosom touched my soul,
As we grazed each other thoroughly,
Then the time came to wind up,
God bless that love in moonshine.”

Poem 12, Passing by a Lady – I love the reference to the sky and the stars:


“I started looking at the sky,
It was shining brightly full of stars,
I looked down again towards her,
She herself was a star.”

Poem 13, Summer to Winter – I loved the last line, It echoes my sentiments exactly:


“Who cares about heaven when you have a place in someone’s heart?”

Poem 3, A Love Song – this phrase shows incredible depth of emotion:


indian manplyig gutar to a girl

“Love can’t be explained – it is a thing to be felt.”

Poem 37, Suicide – this is a brave poem, confronting one of the most terrifying consequences of religion and arranged marriage:


“They took their swords and sticks to set a misconception,
Hindu, Muslim or Christian all says lord is one?
That is love just as gods are one,
But there are many intolerant fools,
Who don’t know humanity?
We reached to the end of cliff,
They stood behind us,
There was no escape but to jump.”


Poem 41, Talk and Talk – this made me laugh as it just so true to life!


“A woman just wants to talk,
Talking for them is like breathing ...”


Poem 42, Opening a Woman – this is very apt. A woman needs love and understanding, not expensive gifts. If only men knew that!

“To opens a woman heart,
A man needs to unlock it,
With the key of affection!


I don’t usually read poetry, so this has opened my mind. (I do write poetry, but generally my poems are entirely different, although “Finding True Love” is a serious romantic poem in my book Dating Daisy.) I am impressed with Mahiraj Jadeja, who has taken a difficult task in hand and done a first class job. Inevitably when you read love poems you think about your own life and relationships. I am very romantic myself, hate my own company and need to be loved, so I identified very closely with them. Mahiraj has written so eloquently and with such feeling.
If you want to be transported into a world of deep emotion, and of thought provoking love and desire, you really must read these poems!


Daisy Mae x


Amazon Reference of this Review - 21st November 2017  - “A Lover’s Will, ” by Author Daisy Mae


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