20 Reasons why a Book is the Perfect Present for a Christmas Stocking!

By Daisy Mae

  1. It’s a perfect stocking filler - easy to wrap – it’s only a rectangle.

  2. It’s cheaper than a bottle of Chanel  Number 5.

  3. You can buy them on Amazon. One click and it’s here. No need to leave your armchair!

  4. It’s calorie free!  – one present you don’t need to feel guilty about giving – or receiving!

  5. This will please your dentist!

  6. The right book is a better life experience, for example than a pair of new socks!

  7. “Stocking” up now – no pun intended – means you have already sorted out your summer holiday deckchair reading!

  8. A book is for life – not just for Christmas! - but easy to care for.

  9. Reading a book is a good way to relieve stress!

  10. It could be an ebook, ibook or even an audio book – so fabulous if you are struggling for space!


  11. A book can’t be the wrong size, or the wrong designer label!

  12. There is much choice with books- whether it’s romantic fiction novel, or a nonfiction book say about gardening?  – there is so much choice.

  13. Books can be recycled – whereas that plastic jewellery, pretty as it looks now – is destined for the landfill!

  14. Books are best friends. Fancy giving someone a best friend for Christmas! – No need to feel lonely! What’s better than that.

  15. You can personalise your Christmas stocking! - If it’s a book - sign it, spray it with your favourite perfume, add in a special bookmark!

  16. You could even join your family member to a local book club – that’s their social life sorted for the next 6 months!

  17. A book can make you laugh or cry – it’s giving someone an emotional experience.

  18. A book can give you an erotic experience – but no need for contraception and no danger of catching an STI!

  19. Books are inspirational – what is on your New Year’s Resolution list for 2018?

               And lastly ...

20. A book will become a memory, and   -  Memories – unlike socks – last forever!

Choose Someone - a Book this Christmas!



Daisy Mae x


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